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Application Guidelines - Please Read Carefully
Our application process is quick and fair. We make every effort to give you an answer within two business days of receiving your complete application.

We are excited to now offer a 100% online / web-based application. This is our best and only way to accept your lease application. To get started, please read this page completely, and then select the option below to apply for the home of your choice. Please also read all notes and all instructions within the application, and please make sure your application is as complete as possible so that you can have the best possible chance for approval. If you have any questions, definitely contact us for the answers.

Important: Application fees are not refundable whether approved or denied at a cost of $50 per person. Any occupants over 18 years of age will have to pass a criminal & eviction background check at a cost of $25 per person.

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Information About the Qualification Process

When considering rental applications, we have a consistent focus on these areas:

  • Financial health and income stability: Testing if the 'math works' so that the applicant can afford to pay the monthly rent and keep up with the property? A rough guideline is that an applicant should have 3X the monthly rent in their monthly net ('take-home') income. This a minimum, and we may require more income for certain properties and situations.

  • Rental history: We will check will previous property managers to see if applicants made payments on time and kept their home in great condition. We can not accept applicants who have been previously evicted or have had court proceedings initiated against them by previous property managers.

  • Credit history: We are looking for a pattern of responsibility, particularly in the areas of utilities and core living expenses. The most recent 3-4 years are most important in our decisions. We read the credit report carefully and base our decision on the payment history, not the credit score.

  • Pets: Some property owners will not accept them, and we can not accept dangerous breeds. Pets are a financial risk factor to be considered.

  • Special requests: Any particular requests must be made prior to leasing, and the cost of any requests are definitely a factor when considering the viability of an application. Our example contracts are available here, and we deviate from those terms very infrequently and with great care.

  • Ability to work together: We believe it is important to be considerate, thoughtful, and non-confrontational in our business dealings. We enter into agreements with folks who agree with us on this point.
Every situation and property is different, and we are obligated to consider any factor which may affect the applicants' ability to pay the rent or fulfil the lease terms.

We realize that these are difficult times for many people, and we certainly empathize with those who have been affected by the economy. However, we are not able to provide exceptions to our screening procedures.

Walnut Street Rentals does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin, or sexual orientation. These attributes absolutely do not factor into our application process.