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New Resident Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Choosing your next home is a major decision, and it's important to have all the facts before signing a lease. We insist that you read the lease agreement carefully and ask us every question before making a commitment. Below are answers to some of the most common questions -- if your question isn't here, make sure to ask!

A good overview of leasing in North Carolina is in this brochure: Renting Residential Real Estate from the NC Real Estate Commission

Is Walnut Street Rentals the owner of the property?

We do not own the property in question and we will be acting as the broker representing the owner of the home. We are bound to follow the owner's instructions, as well as to disclose everything we learn to the property owner. Before doing business with Walnut Street Rentals, please be sure to read Working With Real Estate Agents from the NC Real Estate Commission

What is your application criteria? / What is the process for leasing?

This is described in detail on our Lease Application page. We make every attempt to only lease homes to people who can demonstrate that they will be able to afford the monthly rent as well as the costs to fulfill their responsibilities in the lease.

We do require collection of a security deposit equal to one month's rent prior to signing a lease agreement and taking a home off of the market.

How is the security deposit handled?

This is described in full under Our Policies on Security Deposits.

What do I do if something breaks?

You will get in touch with us. We will be your property managers throughout your time in the home, and we will make sure you have our direct contact info. (Caveat: Owners do have the right to change property management companies, but hope that doesn't happen.)

If you have an emergency situation (immediate danger, ongoing damage or if the home is not habitable), please contact us anytime. Otherwise, please contact us during business hours or anytime via email. If your property manager is unavailable, an alternate contact number will be provided on our voicemail message.

Who do I make the check out to?

All payments and deposits should be made to 'Walnut Street Rentals.' We will provide our mailing and drop-off addresses at lease signing, and you will receive an email receipt of all lease payments.

Will you be making any improvements for me?

Improvements and upgrades should be negotiated prior to signing the lease agreement or any lease extensions. Our owners are responsible to make repairs as necessary during your time in the home.

Are utilities or lawn maintenance included in the rent?

Unless otherwise noted in the advertising, utilties and lawn maintenance are not included in the rent and are the responsibility of the resident.